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Breast Milk Jewelry & Keepsakes

Welcome to Lactation Creations! Breast milk jewelry and keepsakes made by a lactation specialist. Non-toxic, fast creations made with love and custom orders are always available! 

About Lactation Creations

Certified Lactation Counselor and breast milk jewelry artist Jesikah Black is a tandem nursing mama of 2 beautiful children. Breastfeeding is a major part of her life, not just a profession but a passion! It is an honor commemorating every mothers unique breastfeeding journey with beautiful keepsakes that last a lifetime. Lactation Creations has strived to find a preservation method that is non-toxic and long lasting. Each milk keepsake is made with love. 

Custom orders are available! 

Have questions for a CLC? Go to for more info! 

Jesikah Black

Care Instructions

Do not swim, bathe, shower or exercise in your jewelry. This is very important not just for the metals but also because DNA is organic material and can mold with overexposure to moisture.

Do not apply topical products on it such as lotions, creams, powder, essential oils, household cleaning products, etc.

Take off when doing heavy chores, cleaning, gardening, or at the beach where small particles can get stuck in small crevices of your jewelry. Avoid prolonged, high intensity heat exposure. 

Sterling Silver and Copper metals can tarnish. Follow proper metal care guidelines. 

I placed an order, now what?

Once you have placed your order, it is time to send your milk! Place one ounce of breast milk in a milk storage bag or ziplock bag. It is recommended to double bag the milk to avoid any leaks. Send milk in a padded mailer to P.O. Box 350321, Jacksonville, FL 32235. Once the milk is received, your precious keepsake will be made within 1 week and immediately sent back your way. Quality and fast turn around is something Lactation Creations strives for. Please label your milk bag with your name and order number. If you are local, specify in order details and we can schedule a pickup. Thank you for your business and enjoy your keepsakes!